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So, You Think You Need To Build That Gym? Facilities or Staff?

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Blog, General | 0 comments

by Maher Budeir, Balance Leadership Institute, a firm dedicated to leadership and Board training of nonprofits. The following was partially inspired by a speech delivered by Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda at the 2nd ISNA Masjid Forum, which was held in Dearborn, MI, on May 10, 2014. The Good News We hear it in many mosques all over the US these days. Every community is realizing that serving the youth requires different resources and methodology than what it took to serve their parents. We are realizing that the youth will quickly find other ways to grow and other places to hang out if they are not served within our community. This is an important step and level of thinking for the community. Even the more “traditional”Mosques are coming to this realization. It is unfortunate that it took a couple of decades...

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Create a Welcoming Masjid with a Tasleem Squad

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Blog, Prophetic Masjid | 2 comments

By Omar Usman (Muslim Strategic Initiative Dr. Ihsan Bagby gave a presentation at the ISNA Masjid Forum this past weekend and mentioned a term that stuck with me – Tasleem Squad. We all acknowledge the need for our masajid to be more welcoming, but how do we tangibly go about doing this? Here are a few suggestions. Have a ‘Tasleem Squad’ at your masjid that welcomes people into the masjid at busy times like juma with a smile. Greet them, hold the door open for them. Brighten up the environment. They can also help answer basic questions like – Where is the wudu area? Where is the sister’s entrance? Where do I put my shoes? Someone stole my shoes, can you help me? It is important to have people who look like the people. Dr. Bagby mentioned that...

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Are Millennial Muslims Doomed To Become Unmosqued?

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By Hind Makki May 20, 2014 Unique among Western and industrialized nations, the US boasts a high rate of people who say they believe in God. Not all of these people regularly go to church, synagogue , mosque or temple, but over 90% of adult Americans say they believe in a Divine Being. The US is the most religiously diverse country in the world and the most religiously devout country in the West. I believe that this is because religion has remained in the realm of the marketplace of ideas since the time the first Puritans – who after all left Britain to preserve what they believed was their right to separate church from state – arrived on American shores. Their whole purpose in leaving the UK was so that they can protect their freedom to practice their...

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Prophetic Masjid Part 1: Khutbah by Dr. Ihsan Bagby

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Khutbah by Dr. Ihsan Bagby given at Masjid Bilal (Lexington, KY) in March 2014.  To view the video click...

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The Prophetic Masjid: The Seven Essential Characteristics

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By Ihsan Bagby   The Prophet Masjid… Enhances Taqwa Holds fast to the rope of Qur’an and Sunnah Increases faith, knowledge, good character Encourages a culture of making daily salah Egos are left at the door; ethnic-centric thinking is rejected 2. Builds Brotherhood/Community Welcoming to attendees Facilitates getting to know one another Concerned about Muslims, identifying their needs Values the inclusion and involvement of women Empowers young adults Nurtures and involves youth 3. Is Mission-Oriented/Purpose-Driven Takes seriously Allah’s command to strive in His path—Allah’s command to establish the Din Masjid is not simply a place of prayer but a center for a purpose-driven community 4. Operates with Shura and Strong Leadership All segments of the masjid are represented Boards and Executive Committees are representative of the community Shared governance between Imam and Boards—no autocratic leaders Leaders must lead Leaders must be respected...

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