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ISNA’s Masjid Development Committee Does Masjid Assessment at Masjid al-Fajr (Indianapolis)

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Blog, General | 0 comments

One of the services that ISNA’s Masjid Development Committee offers is an “Organizational Assessment” and recently it has embarked on an organizational assessment of Masjid al-Fajr (Indianapolis, IN). The purpose of the assessment is (1) to evaluate the organizational structure, decision-making processes, and operations to determine whether the organization is in vertical alignment (are goals, people, and outcomes aligned with vision, mission and values) and whether the organization is functioning effectively, (2) to survey masjid participants to determine the demographics of attendees and their views on the masjid, (3) to make recommendations for adjustments, and (4) to provide training to the masjid to ensure a smooth transition. The Assessment Team is composed of Ihsan Bagby (Chair of ISNA’s Masjid Development Committee), Maher Budeir (founder and trainer of Balanced Leadership Institute) and Ibrahim Sherman (former Chief Financial Officer and financial...

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Yasir Qadhi: Best Place for Women is in the Mosque

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Blog, Women | 1 comment

When our sisters are deprived from the right to come to the mosques, or given sub-standard accommodations and treated disrespectfully, it is only natural that some of them will take matters into their own hands and counter-react. Some of that counter-reaction will be legitimate, and some illegitimate. Rather than worry about what various counter-reactions have been and how legal they are, I believe we need to concentrate on the root cause of the problem. It is an undeniable reality that women’s prayer spaces (in those masjids that actually have them – for quite a few masjids still don’t even have such spaces) are less accessible, less clean, and less maintained than the men’s sections. Women have to deal with crying children, bad microphones, no visual access to the Imam/khatib, dank hallways to get in and out, and many other...

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To Masjid Leadership: Let’s Have a GREEN RAMADAN by Nana Firman

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Blog, General | 1 comment

Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar. It is the month of fasting and the month which the Qur’an was revealed. It was named after its originally height of summer with days of intense heat. Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word, “ramad”, which literally means to bake a sheep in its skin. Similarly, the fasting person living in the hot desert undergoes the sensations of burning in his stomach from the extreme thirst and heat. In the same way, the Muslims who fast are slowly burning away their sins! The muslims fast (refrain from eating and drinking for everyone, and sexual intercourse for married couples) from dawn to dust for 30 days during this month. The moment before breaking of the fast (iftar) is the time for all Muslims to consciously reflect and think about the...

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Thoughts on the Women’s Mosque of America by Furhan Zubairi

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On Friday, January 30th the Women’s Mosque of America will be offering its first woman led Friday prayer exclusively for women and children in Los Angeles. This event will definitely attract a lot of attention from both within the Muslim community and outside of it. Within the Muslim community it has become the topic of number of discussions and debates because of its unprecedented nature. Outside the Muslim community any story with the words Islam and women automatically becomes headline fodder. The purpose of this article isn’t to question or critique the sincerity, intentions and objectives behind the all-female Friday prayer; this is not an attack. Rather, the purpose is to explore the legal basis for having such an event and to suggest other ways of achieving the same outcome. Permissibility of Women Imams in Women-Only Congregations There’s a...

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The Art of Governance by Dan Hotchkiss

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Religion transforms people; no one touches holy ground and stays the same. Religious leaders stir the pot by pointing to the contrast between life as it is and life as it should be, and urging us to close the gap. Religious insights provide the handhold that people need to criticize injustice, rise above self-interest, and take risks to achieve healing in a wounded world. Religion at its best is no friend to the status quo. Organization, on the other hand, conserves. Institutions capture, schematize, and codify persistent patterns of activity. A well-ordered congregation lays down schedules, puts policies on paper, places people in positions, and generally brings order out of chaos. Organizations can be flexible, creative, and iconoclastic, but only by resisting some of their most basic instincts. No wonder “organized religion” is so difficult! Congregations create sanctuaries where...

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