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A Guide to Building Brotherhood and the Welcoming Masjid

A Guide to Building Brotherhood and the Welcoming Masjid

       1.   First Impressions: Signage and the Entrance

  • Your masjid sign should be prominent, appealing and professional-looking.
  • Entrances should be clearly marked; on the inside, signs should indicate where to go
  • Landscaping and entrance-ways should be well-maintained, clean and attractive
  1. Tasleem Squad and Tasleem Culture
  • Committee assigned to greet and assist people as they enter masjid for Jum’ah and other programs
  • Tasleem Squad gets to know new faces in particular; informs them of activities
  • Members of Tasleem Squad represent various segments of community
  • The Masjid should develop a culture of all community members being involved in welcoming people
  • New people who are different should feel welcomed and not condemned or a object of suspicion
  1. Newcomers in your area
  • A welcoming package should be prepared for new people in the area; hard copies should be available at the masjid and information should be posted on the web page
  • Someone should be assigned to contact new people in the area to welcome them and offer assistance and information
  1. Ta’arruf Activities—Getting to Know One Another
  • Masjid activities should be geared to getting to know one another
  • Once a month have a Ta’arruf Jum’ah: everyone wears name tags and encouraged to get to know people
  • Community dinners can be an occasion for Ta’arruf; spotlight various individuals
  • Encourage attendance at regular salah which is a natural way to get to know people
  1. Harnessing Skills—Involving Members
  • Everyone should fill out an information form that will list skills, experience and interests
  • A Masjid leader should be assigned as a Volunteer Coordinator to receive all information forms and to facilitate ways for the Masjid to utilize the skills and experience of members by asking them to serve on a committee or giving them a task.
  • The Masjid should create opportunities and avenues by which community members can provide input: suggestion box, open community meetings, discussion time given at community dinners
  • Regularly ask for volunteers for specific committees and tasks
  1. Knowing Your Community
  • Periodically (every 2 years) the Masjid should survey their attendees to get a sense of demographics, view points and evaluations of the Masjid
  1. Relevant Programs and Activities—reflecting needs and concerns of the community
  • Programs should be developed that are relevant to the needs and interests of the community—i.e. young professionals, new Muslims, parents, elders, etc.
  • The Masjid should facilitate the formation of common-interest groups such as young adults, women, etc.
  1. Sensitive to Women, Youth, Young Adults and New Families
  • Women’s area should be clean, adequate and welcoming
  • Women should have the choice to pray in main musalla or in separate area
  • Youth and young adults should feel welcome
  1. Wellness Committee
  • Committee should distribute information about hospitalizations and illnesses, and facilitate visits
  1. Representation of Various Segments of Community
  • Boards, committees, and leadership should include the faces of all the segments of the community

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