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10 Things Every Green Mosque Should Have by Zaufishan Iqbal

Posted by on Jan 17, 2015 in Best Practices, Blog | 1 comment

From the Eco Muslim (United Kingdom) Using ideas from The Eco Muslim Green Mosque Guide, here are some must-have environmentally friendly features that will act as the “green” platform for a house of worship. Tick them off as you reach these goals or pick just 3 that your mosque can definitely do! 1) A Garden No Eco-Mosque should be without a colourful flower patch, fruit trees and a vegetable plot. Any unused space outdoors can be fenced and converted into a garden, and indoors-small pots, hanging baskets or large containers can be used to grow herbs and spices. Community gardens become a lifelong joy and children get a buzz knowing that they’re coming to the mosque to plant seeds and watch flowers grow. And the best thing? No need to buy a bag of berries when Muslims can simply...

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A Guide to Building Brotherhood and the Welcoming Masjid

Posted by on Jan 17, 2015 in Best Practices, Blog | 0 comments

       1.   First Impressions: Signage and the Entrance Your masjid sign should be prominent, appealing and professional-looking. Entrances should be clearly marked; on the inside, signs should indicate where to go Landscaping and entrance-ways should be well-maintained, clean and attractive Tasleem Squad and Tasleem Culture Committee assigned to greet and assist people as they enter masjid for Jum’ah and other programs Tasleem Squad gets to know new faces in particular; informs them of activities Members of Tasleem Squad represent various segments of community The Masjid should develop a culture of all community members being involved in welcoming people New people who are different should feel welcomed and not condemned or a object of suspicion Newcomers in your area A welcoming package should be prepared for new people in the area; hard copies should be available at the masjid and...

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Masjid Security Guidelines by Anees Thaj

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in Best Practices, Blog, General | 0 comments

Anees Thaj,  Masjid Security Committee, Kalamazoo Islamic Center (MI) The goal of every Masjid is to serve the local Muslim communities needs and offer them a place of prayer, solace, communion and community development.   A Masjid should be safe and secure and be a place of refuge where people are made to feel welcome and safe. Over the last few years, with increased anti-Muslim hatred being spewed by national media and deliberate misinformation being spread about Islam and Muslims, the threat faced by Islamic organizations is a real fact and must be taken seriously (attacks that have occurred are well documented by organizations like CAIR, etc ). Toward this end, the Masjid authorities (Board / Shura Council, etc) need to take the responsibility of taking care of the security needs of the Masjids seriously and take necessary steps...

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