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Fiqh Council of North America, North American Imams Federation and Imam Zaid Shakir Endorse ISNA’s Greening Our Ramadan

Fiqh Council of North America, North American Imams Federation and Imam Zaid Shakir Endorse ISNA’s Greening Our Ramadan

Imam Zaid Shakir’s Statement

“ISNA’s ‘Greening Our Ramadan’ campaign is a long overdue initiative. Our religion encourages environmental stewardship, while discouraging excess and waste. We are reminded in the Qur’an that those given to wasteful ways are the ‘brothers of Satan.’ Where does that leave the members of the average masjid where nightly loads of non-recyclable trash filled the dumpsters after our Iftars. We can do better as a community and ISNA’s effort in this regard is leading the way.”


Endorsement Letter from the North American Imams Federation (NAIF)


Dear respected Imams, Islamic leaders, and members of the Muslim community, Peace be upon all, May the Almighty’s blessings and bounties be upon all and be upon our country.

On this blessed occasion of the coming of Ramadan, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and wish every member of the Muslim community a blessed season of worship, submission and immersion in a most spiritually uplifting and consciously re-invigorating time of the year.

The season of Ramadan is upon us and we are ever so excited and fulfilled to be blessed by Allah SWT to be witnesses of this month as it’s coming upon us is indeed a mercy.  The time preceding the month of Ramadan is the time when our deeds are ascended in front of our Lord to be reviewed and either accepted or God forbid rejected.  Our  Prophet PBUH used to fast the most outside of the month of Ramadan, in the month of Sha’ban, so that his actions will be raised to the Almighty while the Prophet PBUH is in a state of fasting and submission.

Blessings and generosity of the Lord of the worlds, Allah SWT.  We are given the last ten days of Ramadan and its crowning jewel of the night of power ‘Lailat al-Qadr’, to further perfect our worship and submission, to crown our season of strife with the ultimate blessing of Allah SWT to be forgiven and absolved from hellfire.

Entering paradise, being in the company of our Prophet PBUH and being worthy of being in the sight of the Almighty Allah SWT are the rewards of those who, while their actions are being weighed in front of Allah SWT, have striven tirelessly to enliven the days of Ramadan with patience, perseverance and good character and the nights of Ramadan with prayers, remembrance and humbled submission.

Let us all make the season of Ramadan one of success and acceptance from Allah SWT.  Let us renew the resolve, invigorate the spirit and imbibe the soul with the flame of faith, the burning desire of sacrifice, the determined will of service, the unwavering commitment of action and the compassionate call of faith to every member of our organization, our community and our society.

Let us also not forget our role as khalifah in the earth by adopting environmentally-friendly practices during Ramadan.   ISNA has initiated a “Greening Our Ramadan” campaign and you are encouraged to look in to it.  The campaign asks masjids/Islamic centers to: conserve food at Iftars and not waste food by giving excess food to needy people; use biodegradable products for Iftars and not Styrofoam cups and plates; recycle material, especially plastic water bottles; replace all light bulbs with energy saver bulbs and thus conserve electricity (if financially possible at this time); and give a khutbah on the Islamic imperative to conserve and protect our environment.

Dear Imams,

Muslims in America must come together towards this unifying vision and must strive together to actualize this vision.  A vision where Islam is well-recognized and most respected in all the spheres of American life and where Muslims are leading contributing justice-oriented citizens of this blessed land.  The ideals of peace, prosperity and justice are to reign supreme in the US and the world, where Muslims will do their utmost to bring them to fruition.

Let us make the season of Ramadan, the season of sparing no effort to perfect one’s faith, elevate one’s humanity, purify one’s intentions, solidify one’s commitment, harness one’s dedication, expand one’s tolerance, exemplify one’s compassion, implement one’s methodology, share one’s giving, enliven one’s heart and above all ascend one’s being to the worthiness of the mercy, forgiveness and acceptance of Allah SWT.

May the Almighty SWT bless all and may He grant us in Ramadan, a season of mercy, forgiveness and freedom from hellfire, amen.

Thank you,

Dr. Omar Shahin

General Secretary of NAIF

Vice President of Mishkah University


  1. Alhamdullillah! Finally, someone is addressing this issue. Thank you ISNA and may all Muslims have a blessed Ramadan and be good stewards of the earth all year long, ameen.

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