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Imam Zaid Shakir on Black History Month

Imam Zaid Shakir on Black History Month


American masjids are slowly embracing Black History Month, because Muslims must support the struggle of African Americans to achieve justice and equality in America, and because African American Muslims are intricately involved in the history of America and African Americans.  Some masjids like the Islamic Center of Long Island organized an entire afternoon program devoted the topic, hosting local African American Muslim leaders and other activists in the struggle.  Some masjids like the Guiding Light Islamic Center hosted a speaker on the topic.  For Black History Month, the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, CA hosted a program including Imam Zaid Shakir.

Imam Zaid answers the question of why should an ‘immigrant’ Muslim care about the history of enslaved African slaves in America?  Why should ALL Muslims embrace this history as their own?
Imam Zaid Shakir provides a thought-provoking response to these questions in this brief video clip. This clip was taken from an excellent presentation at the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland Ca.

See Imam Zaid Shakir’s full presentation on “Islam and Black Identity” which is alongside of a presentation by Shaikh Hashim Ali Alaudeen of Oakland.  Imam Zaid’s talk begins at the 46 minute mark.


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