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The Prophetic Masjid: The Seven Essential Characteristics

The Prophetic Masjid:   The Seven Essential Characteristics
By Ihsan Bagby


The Prophet Masjid…

  1. Enhances Taqwa
  • Holds fast to the rope of Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Increases faith, knowledge, good character
  • Encourages a culture of making daily salah
  • Egos are left at the door; ethnic-centric thinking is rejected

2. Builds Brotherhood/Community

  • Welcoming to attendees
  • Facilitates getting to know one another
  • Concerned about Muslims, identifying their needs
  • Values the inclusion and involvement of women
  • Empowers young adults
  • Nurtures and involves youth

3. Is Mission-Oriented/Purpose-Driven

  • Takes seriously Allah’s command to strive in His path—Allah’s command to establish the Din
  • Masjid is not simply a place of prayer but a center for a purpose-driven community

4. Operates with Shura and Strong Leadership

  • All segments of the masjid are represented
  • Boards and Executive Committees are representative of the community
  • Shared governance between Imam and Boards—no autocratic leaders
  • Leaders must lead
  • Leaders must be respected

5. Practices Generosity

  • Giving to the cause of Allah is made central to the practice of Islam
  • Encourages regular giving of everyone
  • Hires needed staff

6. Values Inclusion and Empowering of Women, Youth, and Young Adults

  • Women, youth and women feel welcomed in the masjid
  • Masjid is open to the view points of women, youth and young adults
  • Women and young adults are represented on Masjid boards and committees
  • Women have a choice to sit for Jum’ah in separate area or in same musalla as men
  • Masjid is sensitive to needs of young families with children
  • Masjid facilitates the involvement of youth in the masjid

7. Embraces Outreach

  • Involved in the local community to improve society
  • Promotes understanding of Islam through interfaith and other educational activities
  • Responds to Islamophobia
  • Invites people to Islam with beautiful teachings
  • Supports new Muslims
  • Upholds justice in their local community, America and the world

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